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Welcome New Customer: Free Gift

Dear Customer, OwensAssetFund Global Products,would like to welcome you as a new customer to our online store. We know that you will be extremely satisfied with our online products that we provide to you. Online is our catalog and price list for your viewing. We believe that you will find our prices competitive. Throughout the year, we will offering our valued customers frequent discounts as an incentive and as a showing of our appreciation.  Also, over the next few weeks the first 200 new customers will receive a free gift valued at $25. We are giving away Power-Pen which surpasses all backup batteries for smartphones. It is a 3-in-1 device that will not only be useful in providing battery power for your dead smartphone but will also serve...

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Brief History of Electronics

The history of electronics is a story of the twentieth century and three key components—the vacuum tube, the transistor, and the integrated circuit. In 1883, Thomas Alva Edison discovered that electrons will flow from one metal conductor to another through a vacuum. This discovery of conduction became known as the Edison effect. In 1904, John Fleming applied the Edison effect in inventing a two-element electron tube called a diode, and Lee De Forest followed in 1906 with the three-element tube, the triode. These vacuum tubes were the devices that made manipulation of electrical energy possible so it could be amplified and transmitted. The first applications of electron tubes were in radio communications. Guglielmo Marconi pioneered the development of the wireless telegraph in 1896 and long-distance radio communication in 1901. Early radio...

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